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"Applicant must meet the requirements of Aximus Techs LTD"


At Aximus Techs LTD, we have raised the bar high to make sure we serve our clients bests, therefore; our employees must meet our standards in order to be accepted.

And here are the terms that we look at before accepting any applicant

• Aximus Techs LTD looks for professional staff for any posted position.

• Experience must be at least 3 years for the job vacancy

• Staff must have a valid residency permit in the country they apply from unless the hold the nationality of the country the reside in.

• The Company looks for hard-working staff that can take work pressure and take minimum off-days during the month.

• As for designers: a portfolio of designs should be sent along with the application + they will be given a test.

• As for programmers: links of their work must be submitted along with application + they will be given a test.

• As for office staff: the applicants must be good looking, have no criminal record and have good reputations.

• Each applicant must provide a real social media link in order to do our due diligence and KYS (Know Your Staff).

• In case any submitted information appear to be false at any level, then the company has the right to sue the applicant and deprive him from any financial obligations.

• Speaking English is a MUST

• Working on Computers is a MUST

• Knowing your way through social media is a MUST

If you think you meet our requirement, please apply, otherwise you will get rejected.